Cat Mario

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"Wow Meow"

Welcome to the Cat Mario game where you can control your cat through thrilling challenges to reach the destination. It is one of the popular versions of the Mario series.

Cat Mario is an adventure-running game in the Mario series. Coming to this game, you can enjoy exciting adventures in the Japanese world. The characters and challenges in this running game are all inspired by the Japanese style. Your cat and the obstacles are white. Besides, the graphics are all manga-oriented. It is undeniable that the Cat Mario game is based on the Japanese style. It is an integral feature of all volumes of the Mario series.

Now, it is time to start learning about the Mario series and this version! Let's go!

The Mario Series

Mario is the name of a series of video game versions. It is published by Nintendo, a Japanese company. Nintendo has released many different versions of Mario. Besides, you can also enjoy the games released by the franchise company. Some prominent Nintendo's franchises include Hudson Soft, Camelot Software Planning, and Intelligent Systems.

The Mario Characters

Mario is a fictional character. Mario is an Italian plumber. However, his identity is not so simple. He is also a hero in the Mushroom Kingdom because he is on his way to conquering the dangers of the kingdom.

This character is iconic. His appearance is outstanding and easy to spot. He was recognizable everywhere in a plumber's suit with a red shirt and blue pants.

Mario has many different abilities. During the game, you need to apply these abilities and use your control to conquer challenges.

In order to control your character, you need to use arrow keys. Press the Enter key to start. It is easy to control, but difficult to master and overcome challenges.

The First Series In The Franchise

Shigeru Miyamoto was the first to create a franchise, called Donkey Kong. This arcade game was released on July 9, 1981.

In addition, Super Mario is the main series in the franchise. This series of games is about Mario and his brother. They are on a journey to rescue the Mushroom Kingdom. The brothers need to utilize their abilities to achieve this goal.

Note that Cat Mario is also one of the versions of the Super Mario series. It was introduced in Super Mario 3D World.

Other Mario Series

There are more than 300 video games of the Mario genre. You can experience many different game genres with this Mario character. For example, you can race cars in the Mario Kart series, play sports in Mario Tennis, or transform into characters from the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series.

The Best-Selling Mario Game

Leading the best-selling list is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It sold over 48 million copies as of September 2022. This is an astounding number for video games worldwide.

The Cat Mario Game

As you may know, this game has similar gameplay and controls to other Mario series. Your cat character can run, jump, kill enemies, and collect items. These are basic abilities. Combine these abilities to overcome different obstacles.

You have two lives at the start of the game. After you use up these opportunities, you can still continue this entertaining game. However, your life count will be subtracted to a negative number.

There are 4 levels in the Cat Mario game. You need to move to the exit to complete that level. Finish the last level to conquer this running game. The first level is the easiest and the last level is the most challenging. How many levels can you finish? Let's learn about the first and last levels in the Cat Mario game below.

The First Level

The main obstacles in the first level are the holes and your opponents. Jumping over the holes is easy for the players. However, it is challenging to overcome opponents because they can move and appear out of nowhere. You may not be able to react in time to such situations.

At the beginning of level 1, you can see a green tube. There is an opponent that will fly up from this tube while you jump over it.

When you move to the platform area, you should be careful because circular enemies can move from the upper platform to the lower platform. There is a rival falling from the sky as you move to the final platform. Especially, if you keep moving, you will face 4 opponents at once. They will fall from the sky.

At the end of the level, there is a pillar with a yellow top. There is a crossbar shooting at you in front of this pillar and there is an opponent falling from the sky behind this pillar. You need to avoid these dangers before proceeding to the exit and moving to the next level.

The Final Level

Level 4 is the hardest level in this adventure game. The background of this game is a dark cave with a lot of deadly dangers.

At the beginning of level 4, a big yellow cat will fall from above and there is a lava hole. In particular, after the golden cat falls, it will destroy the platform below. Therefore, you need to jump quickly to the next platform if you don't want to fall into the incense pit. The yellow cats still appear after this ordeal. Be careful!

Besides, you also need to avoid the flying flames and the bars of the round ball. These bars will spin and make it difficult for you to move.

At the end of level 4, you will need to collect a sword after passing another white cat. Use the sword to kill the boss and proceed to the destination where there is a green vase. There is a tip for you to conquer this challenge. You can jump and move at the ceiling of this area. There is no barrier or enemy. As a result, you can avoid these challenges.

Note that the yellow bar will drop down after you jump on it and the flags can save your progress. After dying, you can return to the location of that flag to continue your journey.