Among Us

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The following is a brief explanation of how to play the Among Us game if you are unfamiliar with the game or its components.

Play As Imposter

A different participant takes on the role of the impostor at the beginning of each game. They have a responsibility to kill crewmates on the spaceship while avoiding the detection of other crewmates.

To accomplish this, you must attack other players only when no one else is looking. You also should avoid wandering aimlessly and do your best to mislead crewmates who are actually working on the ship.

Play As Crewmate

As a crewmate, you are tasked with performing certain routine ship maintenance tasks in order to keep the ship in working order. In addition, you need to prevent yourself from being killed, be aware of your surroundings, and be on the lookout for unusual behavior.

How to Win Among Us

The crewmates will win the competition if they can find imposters. However, if they make the wrong decision, the game will continue until either the imposters are discovered or all crewmates are killed.

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