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In the captivating game Bloxorz, get ready to maneuver like a brick. Since its release in 2007, Bloxorz has gained popularity among gamers of all ages. The 33 exquisitely created stages of the game are so well made that you won't want to stop playing it before finishing them all. Be prepared to get dirty and experience the realm of Bloxorz. Will you have little trouble finishing each level, or will you become stuck and be unable to finish the game?

While Bloxorz's gameplay is straightforward, it might be challenging to find the answer to each level's puzzle. Get your block to the square hole at the conclusion of each level is the game's objective. You must use the arrow keys to navigate your block across the environment. Be careful when you're towards the borders of the platform since it's floating in the air. You will have to restart the level if you fall off the platform and lose it. In some levels, in order to transition from one platform to another, you must activate bridges. You must utilize the switches to accomplish this. In Bloxorz, there are two different sorts of switches. The x-shaped ones are known as hard switches, whilst the circular ones are referred to as soft switches. The soft switches may be turned on by applying pressure to them with any part of your block. To engage hard switches, however, your block must be standing on end and provide additional pressure. When turned on, these switches could operate differently. Activating some of them causes them to switch bridges. Your block will be split in half by a third variety of switch. Orange tiles are weaker than their regular counterparts in some levels. These tiles will crumble if you stand upright on them, which will cause your block to tumble. Consider your actions carefully and attempt to complete every level!


  • 3D graphics
  • 33 levels
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Simple controls

Use the arrow keys to navigate. Press the spacebar to change between the cube's parts.