Draw 2 Save: Stickman

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In Draw 2 Save: Stickman, you defend the stickman. Save yourself from the craziest things that may ever happen to anyone! Pick up a pen, take steps to protect your reputation, and let your skills handle the rest! You can also defy the laws of physics if you use just enough ink!

This puzzle challenge proves what you can do with a pencil and enough imagination! In this world, you can create barriers and save lives by using some ink in the right place. To start your duty as a hero, you can follow the tutorials to see how your magic pen works. Now you can do the same to keep your character safe. Click on the screen and drag to create lines.Use your creativity to assist the stickman and don't be restricted by a shape or pattern. form a link to the dot at the top of the screen and use it to form a safety net under the unfortunate animal. You can also use this gift to save turtles. Think beyond the box and incorporate platforms into your designs. You may divide them in half to create shields between sides and prevent victims from being struck by gunfire as you sit back and watch the story develop.


  • Colorful graphics
  • Improving imagination and logic skills
  • Fun for all ages
  • Easy to play
  • Hints and tutorials

Use your mouse draw the line to protect your stickman