Drive Mad

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About Drive Mad

Play Drive Mad to enjoy a one-of-a-kind driving simulation game. This game will bring you a real-world driving experience while testing your driving skills.

You can access this game on our Cat Mario website in addition to Huggy Wuggy Shooter and Gladihoppers.

How to Play

In this driving game, you need to get around many obstacles. Your objective is to finish the race without getting hurt. You need to keep control of your car's speed in order to prevent it from rolling over. There are so many exciting and distinct challenges.

You will be required to complete a unique challenge at each new level. For example, you have to cross bridges safely while running into brick walls or jump over water while running into brick walls. Can you conquer all levels in this driving game? The higher level you come, the more challenges you face.

How to control

  • Use the up/ right arrow key to move forward.
  • Use the down/ left arrow key to move backward.