Earn To Die

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Have you ever played Earn To Die to run on a terrifying race against a lot of zombies? Your mission is to run as fast as possible to reach a safe land and avoid being eaten.

How to Play

In this survival game, there are numerous zombies all around you. You are the only survivor in this terrible world. To exist and move to a new land, you have to travel a long way. Let's drive as far as you can to get away and get a lot of bonuses.

How to control

  • Use arrow keys or WASD keys to control your car.
  • Press and hold the W button or the up arrow key to reach the maximum speed.

Earn To Die Notes

Note that you shouldn't go too fast unless you don't want your car to flip, which can waste time and fuel. You can also earn money by killing more zombies.

In addition, don't forget to upgrade your car and boost your vehicle to full capacity. After that, you can play additional games like 1v1 LOL, Rocking Sky Trip, and Cat Mario.