Four In A Row

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About Four In A Row

Have you ever played Four in a Row? This game is an exciting puzzle game with various colored balls to practice your intelligence. You must drop your balls in a row of the same color to win the game. It is simple to play but challenging to master. Can you win all matches in this puzzle game? Let's start and show your abilities!

In particular, this game provides you with 3 game modes, including Online player, Two-player, and Play vs. Computer. It has more modes than Yeti Sensation, Cat Mario, and Fish Eat Fish 3 Players. Therefore, you can choose your favorite modes and enjoy your free time.

You can play with a computer, a friend, or an online player. It is interesting!

How to Play

You will drop the ball into the grid to create a row of balls of the same color. As long as you can complete it before your opponent, you can create a row of balls that are the same color in any direction - horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Note that you can change the rules of this arcade game before starting the official matches!

How to control: Control with the left mouse.