Free Birds

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Play Free Birds to try freedom out! In this entertaining challenge, team up with nature, and shoot arrows to unlock the bird cages! To get the highest score, use your arrows wisely to avoid running out of them, conserve energy for the level's subsequent chapters, and finish every stage with additional arrows.

Are you prepared for a game that features beautiful natural settings and bird songs? In this logic game, the player must use strategy and archery prowess to release the birds. You may pick up the bow and start your adventure by doing the instructions. Your cursor should follow the arrow and imitate it. To shoot, drag to aim after clicking to hold. Congratulations, two birds' lives have just been saved! You may now concentrate on saving more. Shoot the cage-holding ropes in order to cause the cages to drop and unlock their doors. As you can see, certain stages have arrow symbols strategically placed. Aim at those to start a chain reaction, and watch as several arrows fly everywhere to assist you reach the platform's tight corners. Watch your inventory, make sure you have enough arrows for all the level challenges, and see how many birds you can save!


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Beautiful nature-themed backgrounds
  • Adorable exotic birds
  • Improving strategy skills
  • Available on mobile

To play, you can use your mouse.