Iron Snout

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About Iron Snout

Play Iron Snout to enjoy an online fighting game in which you need to control a pig to defend against wolves' attacks.

This game is free on our website. After playing this game, you can try other games on our Cat Mario website. For example, you can play Bacon May Die 2 and Pirates Merger.


Let's assist our bacon pig hero in leaping over rocket wolves or ducking beneath swinging wrecking balls. Let's help this adorable little bacon pig fight as a ninja warrior in this action game. Punch and kick at all opponents and eliminate them. If you defeat a wolf with a sword, it will drop its weapon. Pick up and use it in the battle.

However, it is not easy. There are many enemies such as Pogo wolves, granny wolf fighters, and chainsaw-wielding opponents. They will be up against you in the woodland arena. A furious pack of wolves can skateboard, swing on a wrecking ball or toss balls at you. Let's use your abilities to overcome these challenges.