Jet Rush

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Play Jet Rush to enjoy an arcade game with a high level of experience and a very distinctive gameplay style. Fly your ship over all obstacles under your control.

Gameplay in Jet Rush

Your task is to steer a high-tech jet through a variety of challenging courses and obstacles. You will become the pilot of the aircraft. Your aircraft's controls are fairly straightforward to comprehend because the gameplay is all very simple! However, you need to pay attention to the game speed. Your jet travels at a high speed. Try your best and get around the obstacles to complete each level!

More Information For You

You will need to react quickly and keep control of your aircraft in order to avoid hitting moving platforms. In particular, when you face tight corners and a series of twists and turns, you need to move carefully. As you progress through the stages, you will earn money that you can use to purchase new jet models and enhancements as the game progress.

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