Noughts And Crosses Christmas

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About Noughts And Crosses Christmas

Have you ever played Noughts and Crosses Christmas? If you're looking for a fun game, this game will be ideal for you. Let's make a line with three same shapes to gain victory.

This game is designed as the children's version of tic tac toe. So, the rules are easy to follow. You can play this fun game with your kids. In addition, you also try other games on our Cat Mario website. For example, Dash Rocket and Monkey Mart are available.

How to Play

On a 3x3 grid, you must fill in the empty cells to make a row of three shapes that are the same. To win, you could, for instance, try to arrange three doughnuts in a row. You must draw any line, horizontal, vertical, or diagonal before your opponent does. Try to prevent your opponent from completely creating the line in order to get a high score.

Remember that you can compete with the level to gain points and climb the rank board.