Rocking Sky Trip

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About Rocking Sky Trip

Are you ready to play Rocking Sky Trip to experience an exciting sky race track? Let's control your ball to run the farthest distance while avoiding some obstacles. How far can you move? Start now and show your abilities!

This game is a fast-paced game. It is as thrilling as Element Balls and Super Bike The Champion on our Cat Mario website because of its dangers and thrills. Besides that, coming to this game, you can enjoy colorful graphics. It is a great experience to immerse yourself in the eye-catching online world.

More Information For You

There are many obstacles such as moving pillars, gaping holes, tight turns, etc. You must act quickly to avoid these dangerous obstacles if you do not want to perish.

In addition, remember to collect gems. They are scattered across the entire track. If you collect them, your score will increase.

How to control: Use arrow keys to play this running game.