Slope UFO

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About Slope UFO

Play Slope UFO to maintain control over the character and stay away from obstacles like meteors to travel the furthest. How many points can you get in this running game? It is more difficult than Funny Shooter 2, Cat Mario, and Red Ball 2 to gain admirable achievements.

This game allows you to explore an endless galaxy. Let's control your UFO throughout this never-ending journey. They will increase in number. You must maintain a high level of concentration in order to avoid the UFO coming into contact with obstacles.


There are many barriers. If you collide with them, your UFO will explode.

In addition, you also can't move around freely because of the yellow walls on either side of you. This makes your space smaller and makes it more likely that you'll fail repeatedly.

In addition, avoiding multiple meteors simultaneously is challenging when you guide the UFO. Let's come up with an excellent strategy to avoid hitting the yellow wall and the meteors. You can quickly level up your skills by taking turns.