Super Mario Bros Movie

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About Super Mario Bros Movie

Have you ever played Super Mario Bros Movie, an excellent game of fantasy and adventure? Use power-ups to rescue the princess from Bowser's grasp while avoiding colliding with obstacles.

New Features

This game is a fantastic fantasy adventure side-scrolling 2D platformer. It is the most recent installment in the popular Mario series. In this version, you can use many brand-new power-ups to rescue the princess from Bowser. In addition, you also can collect coins to unlock Luigi, Toad, Mario, and other characters as you run!

When running and jumping, stay away from roadblocks. The game will end if you hit them, but you can start over. Numerous coins and stars are on their way. Try to get them all.


This game is playable on mobile devices and PCs. In order to control your Mario game, you can click the left mouse button. It is quite different from other Mario games such as Cat Mario.