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About Swingo

Have you ever played Swingo, an arcade game? This game will bring you great entertaining moments after a hard-working day. Let's start this game now and enjoy your free time!

After playing this game, you can try Smash Karts, Cat Mario, and Ferals.io to have more experience.


You have unique hands in this game, allowing you to freely move to assist the frog in eating the apple. Move and use your hook to grab onto things. Release the hook and allow it to pull you in the right direction!


You can complete a level when you reach the fruit.

Each level you successfully complete earns you points. Thanks to these points, you will have the chance to unlock some very cool new characters.

In particular, there are many animals. A frog will be the first animal you see. Discover animals and hidden secrets in the colorful levels of Swingo!