Unicycle Hero

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About Unicycle Hero

Play Unicycle Hero to enjoy a skill-based Olympic-themed video game. It challenges you to demonstrate your physical prowess in 9 distinct competitions. Each of these competitions is a sport that has historically been represented at the Olympic Games.


This game will give you artificial powers. The powers are relatively straightforward. However, it is challenging to use your power to complete competitions. Let's use your knowledge of each distinct field in a single exam. If you want to advance in the game, you must constantly improve your skills.

How to control

  • Space - Throw
  • Arrow keys - Move

More Information

You are also free to buy your own clothes so that you can show off your individual style. Have you considered the requirements for becoming a Cycling Hero? After playing this game, you can try other games such as Dudeball, MiniGiants.io, and Cat Mario.