Vampire Survivors

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About Vampire Survivors

Play Vampire Survivors to enjoy one of the most appealing survival games with its straightforward gameplay. Participate in the fight against thousands of adversaries who intend to attack you. You will battle the hordes of hell using the touchscreen on your device. If you survive the attack wave, you'll have an advantage.

The survival fight in this game will be more intense than Jet Rush and Iron Snout because you have to fight a large number of enemies. Access our Cat Mario website to experience more battles!

How to Play

This survival game is a casual game with a gothic horror setting and elements of rogue-lite and roguelike gameplay. You need to rapidly build your defenses against the hundreds of creatures that attack you as a result of the choices you make.

Take on waves upon waves of enemies, eliminate hordes of creatures, and emerge victorious from experience! If you don't have a supply of potent weapons, you won't be able to defeat an opposing army. Everything you could want is included in this roguelike game.