Vex 6

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The most recent release of Vex 6 is available! This time, our stickman is ready for you with nine brand-new antics! You'll once again encounter difficult levels chock full of cunning traps in the sixth episode of the hugely popular series. Are you prepared to take control of this courageous stickman and let him do tricks so you may unlock new achievements? I wish you luck!

You'll need to avoid perilous spikes, saw blades, and a number of other obstacles in order to succeed in this game. You will know what to anticipate in this exhilarating new installment if you have played the other games in the series. Reaching the terminus of each level is necessary to complete it. There are several acts to complete in this game, and levels are referred to as acts. After completing an act, you can access the hardcore mode, which adds more dangerous challenges for you to complete. Use the WASD keys to navigate around, run, leap, crouch, and scale walls. You may trip and tumble down a ledge, or you might misjudge your course and run into a saw blade or a row of jagged spikes. Your character will perish as a result, forcing you to start the level over from scratch. Therefore, be aware of flagpoles. You can respawn at the last one you triggered at these checkpoints if you die. I wish you luck!


  • Daily task to complete
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Multiple different levels to complete
  • Challenging level design
  • Different trophies to earn
  • Entertaining and fast-paced gameplay

 You may use the arrow or WASD keys to play this game.