Yeti Sensation

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Transform into a chimpanzee and participate in a fantastic run in Yeti Sensation. Your mission is to control your character to run as far as possible and avoid obstacles while collecting berries.


There are numerous traps that will be set up along the track in time. If you can not avoid them, the chimpanzee will be catchable or die. For example, if you don't stay away from rolling stones, they will crush your character as well. In addition, the chimpanzee will stumble when it trips over large logs. In addition, you need to avoid cages.

How to control

  • Use the A key to turn left.
  • Use the D key to turn right.

Yeti Sensation Items

You can get some items on the track. In this game, you need to gather berries. You can get some items that will help your chimpanzee run if you trade them in for them. Rockets, jump buttons, magnets, and other items can be purchased.

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